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    Gonzalo Ruy-Díaz

    Responsible partner of PR&A´s Queretaro Office.

    Co-leads our M&A, corporate, foreign investment and real estate practice.


    Law degree obtained from the Number 1 ranked Law School in Mexico: Escuela Libre de Derecho. Dissertation: “Special considerations on the trust’s technical committee”.

    Diploma from Universidad Panamericana on Tax Law.
    Diploma from Universidad Panamericana on Intellectual Property Law,
    Diploma from Universidad de Salamanca, Spain, on Financial and European Law.
    Diploma from Universidad Panamericana on Corporate and Business Law.
    Diploma from University of Michigan on US Business Law (AILE).
    Diploma from the New York State Bar Association on the program named International Legal Training.
    Diploma from Harvard Law School (PON Program).


    Corporate and contracts, mergers, acquisitions, trust, real estate, public and private construction. Negotiating, drafting and execution of International Transactions.

    Honorific Positions:

    • Former Chair of the Corporate Commission of National Association of In-house Companies Lawyers, Queretaro Section. ANADE.
    • Professor of Corporate Law Master at Universidad Panamericana (Ranked as Number 1 Law Profesor on Corporations 2010).
    • Universidad Anáhuac Law School (Ranked as Number 1 Law Professor on Commercial Transactions 2009).
    • Author of various legal works regarding contracts and corporations.

    professional background

    From 1997 to 2007 he practiced law as an associate at Basham Ringe y Correa, S.C.

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